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What we do

Olympic Motorsports - An Automotive Performance Adjusting, Tuning & Racing Specialist

Bring your automotive dreams to reality. At Olympic Motorsports we’ve been helping automotive enthusiasts and professionals bring their automotive dreams to life for the past 10 years.

We bring new life to a fledgling car to reignite the weekend warrior in you. Need a little bit more than a souped up street car? Perhaps you're trying to set a new lap record, for ¼ mile time. We do specialty builds for race teams and enthusiasts. Cars we've built have been rallied, dragged, and tracked.

Here are a list of some of the services that we offer

  • Arrive and Drive Programs
  • Certified stand-alone programmable ECUs: Haltech, Motec, Microtech, AEM, Hydra, Stinger EMS, Holley EFI, Fast
  • Chassis Tuning: Corner Weight and Balancing, Race Alignment, Track Set-up, Auto Cross Tuning
  • Custom Fabrication: Roll Cages, Chassis Bracing, Turbo Kits, Intercooler Kits, Custom Exhaust
  • Driving Coach
  • Full Race Fueling Solutions: Surge tanks, Rails, Pumps, Fuel Kits
  • Performance Transmission Building and Sequential G-Box Installs
  • Performance Engine Building and Blue Printing
  • ReFlash Tuning: Ecutek, HPTuners, Cobb, Hondata, Evo Tune, K-Pro
  • Telemetry data analysis

Call us at 561-245-7444 or email us.